Tuesday, January 30, 2007

heART giveaway

Art Tea Life (Sandy) decided to give heART away and I want to join the fun. I know that Norah is doing it too, and probably many other bloggers. Such a wonderful idea! Here is how it works:
Leave a comment on this entry and on February 2nd I will draw a name and send this little journal to the winner. It is fine if you never read my blog and came here by chance.... just leave a comment and check on February 2nd to see if you won.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to Bernie's book...

I actually had to buy supplies to try the "Metal Tape" technique. I didn't have the tape and I didn't have alcohol inks (I wanted them for a long time). I must admit that I did not like it at first... The background was shiny, textured, with droplets of color. For a moment I didn't know what to do with it (but decided to do something anyway - I HAVE to try things). A transparency on metal - WOW - different effect; embossed metal on metal.... interesting! Now I really like the card. It doesn't scan well at all.... but believe me - it is different and worth trying.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Digitally updated

I left an open scan of my collage in Photoshop and went on to do other things. Much to my surprise, when I returned to the computer I found it altered! My husband had fun with the dream subject and created a digital night landscape on the black borders! Isn't he sweet? The unaltered collage is on etsy.

Experimenting with tar gel

Golden's tar gel is a fun, stringy substance. I let it drip from my paint knife and used numerous layers of paint over it. I love the result! It gives me another layer of texture and depth of colors that I crave. Would it work on fabric? I'll have to try.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dreams are free

I signed up for a swap for paint scraped backgrounds (art techniques yahoo group). That sounds easy, doesn't it? Well... I was not happy with the results and was getting frustrated until I realized that it isn't supposed to be a finished background, just the start of it. I actually like the best the big paper that I used to clean my sraping tool (old credit card).
Part of the swap was to make 10 1" squares. I loved the way my colorful scrapped paper looked when I cut it to little pieces. All the colors and tiny details showed well. That made me feel more confidant that my papers will be good enough for the swap.
And then I played even more, and used one of the papers as a background for a collage. I used a dyed paper towel and painted over it, resin note paper, vintage book pages, stencils, stitching, stamps, crayons, acrylics.... everything. The day passed quickly and I'm in a happier mood than yesterday. It seems that yesterday was a depressing day for many bloggers... I hope everyone feels better now :-)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

AHA moment!

I had a big AHA moment! I just realized that I can transfer my thoughts, wishes and worries on paper or canvas. I guess I have been doing it all along, but this time it was deliberate.... kind of like a therapy...This canvas describes my day... Big thoughts, big life changing decisions, important stuff... and I was able to relax while letting my hands work with paint and paper. When I finished I felt tired, but calm.
I find it interesting that the process was so personal and yet it feels finished and I can let it go easily (here). Why is that? 9" x 12" canvas

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I have a mini resolution to announce: I will go out for a walk EVERY DAY this week. I got so involved in creating that I neglected so many other things... some of them like - exercise, breathing, reading, thinking... This is the first day in ages that I went for a short walk (there is a photo to prove it). I'm like a hibernating bear.... except that I don't have freezing weather as an excuse (it is not cold - I was out without a jacket). So there - I'm saying it to the world - I'll go for walks and enjoy being out even if I'd rather do something else.

On the other hand - I finished two journals this week. One of them is on its way to the new owner, the other one is listed here (starting at $1.00 with no reserve - always a fun and scary way to go).
Remember how I complained last time about latch hooking the spine? It was much easier this time. It still took a while, but it didn't fight me that much. It is probably the old "practice makes perfect" or maybe I cut the strips thinner so they were more manageable.

At the end - two ACEOs . They look like little dolls to me. I would like to see them as little fabric dolls... Hmmm..... walking or making dolls?
- on eBay -

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What I missed today...

A beautiful sunset. I fell asleep this afternoon. Not a 15 minute nap (as I thought it would be), but a full, whole-afternoon sleep. I had wild dreams lately... Not real dreams; crazy mixtures of thoughts and ideas making noise in my head all through the night... You know when you can't unwind... when past, future, imagination, things you read, saw, thought about seem to be happening all at once and they won't stop. Maybe I needed this afternoon to rest.
Anyway... my dh and Hana went for a walk and came back with lovely pictures. Thought I would share.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Playing with the ladies

I was preparing acetate transparencies for eBay (photo above) and couldn't wait to finish the listings so that I can play with them. These were always my favorite images. I can't tire looking at them. I have little prints in my journals, around my work table, in my purse... I used them with beeswax, gel medium, thread; on numerous ACEOs, collages and art dolls. Today, they became a part of a fabric journal. The journal is not finished, so this is just a sneak preview.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fabric ACEO

- on eBay -
I love working with fabric! I cannot stitch torn jeans, but I can make fabric journals and little cards. And after seeing what Janet does with worn jeans, I don't ever plan on learning to mend things. Take a look at this - it is lovely.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gesso and Magazine Images

I didn't need to use a magazine image for this. I guess the point was not to loose the image completely, but to alter it. I got carried away and painted everything... Then I painted the back side too. It's listed here.
Examples for this technique (in the book) are amazing. I'll have to try it again.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Resin Fresco

- on eBay -
Back to Bernie's book. A new technique that I liked so much that I made several things. I love texture and use it as much as I can in my work. This time I even made transfers and used stamps because I didn't want to cover the background (it peeks under my transfers). And yes - I used the same saying on both cards. It seemed to work and I love it and I think it really went well with everything.
I used the same technique on this ACEO holder. Happy to say - I listed it on my website and it was bought the same evening! I guess I'm not the only one that likes the effect this technique produces.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Look what I made:A chunky bracelet!
I always wanted to make one, but the kit I recently purchased from Belinda made me really do it. This is so much more than a bracelet. I wish you could come and have a glass of wine with me (coffee, tea) and I could tell you stories while we explore my bracelet. I would tell you that the big blue glass bead is from a necklace I bought one hot summer while traveling through Turkey when I was 13 (I chose it, my mom bought it). It hung from a leather cord and I remember how I loved wearing it. I found the butterfly with missing rhinestones while walking Hana to school when she was first grade. There is an angel right next to it that was a gift from my sister. Cat - a favorite pendant from ages ago... Many more things with special meanings only for me.
Once I strung my treasures I was afraid that I will loose them and not notice it. That was a problem. Then my personal superhero came to the rescue (thank you Sasha). He showed me how to solder and I spent the evening happily soldering every single jump ring until everything was secure. Now I can wear it and enjoy the sounds, colors, textures, shapes and memories all at the same time. It feels so good and it makes me happy.

Bird/tea once again

Thank you, thank you, thank you for comments on my tea painting. I appreciate every one of them and I think that you are all right. Yes, it could have used more stamping and layers in the background, and yes - I could have done something with the edges, and yes Cinda - the birdie could use a rose somewhere... but I'm afraid to touch it now, so I will use all the suggestions for the next painting. There will be a follow up - I loved the idea of 'tea for two'. As for my constant trouble of perceiving myself as an artist, I guess I'll fight that as I go along (and try not to bother anyone with it too often). To be honest, I think I liked the painting too much to accept that I did it and that it was okay to like it. Does that make sense? Let's go to the opposite side of the spectrum - I think it should be in a museum like in the following photo: I'm joking, of course. I found this link on Isabella's blog and had fun with it. Give it a try!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is this finished?

I had the painting bug today and loved painting this 8"x 8" piece, but then I became frustrated because I am not sure what to do with it.
Artists know when something is done... or when it isn't - they know what to do to finish it. I don't have a clue. That's how I know that I am not a real artist. One minute I love the colors and don't think that it needs anything. The next minute I think that it may be too simple. Maybe because I didn't collage as I usually do... I added just the tall hat and words, everything else is painted.
Help.... please..... Art critique needed and welcomed. :-(


It is a pretty self-explanatory technique. The book has lovely examples made with round stencils - it made me want to try my own round stencils. After stenciling I followed the 'intuitive watercolor' kind of thing... I 'saw' the girl flower and had to let her emerge. It turned out kind of strange, but she makes me smile... so I guess it's okay.
- on eBay -

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Emboss - resist

A technique that uses acrylic glazes, embossing powder and an iron. I scanned the background because I had no idea what to do with it and thought that it may be interesting to see what comes out. This stamp surprised me! I used parts of it several times, not knowing that it is a figure of ... I don't know.... mermaid or something like that. I received it as a gift from Inka stamps (for submitting some art ages ago). I was surprised when I saw a face....I decided to turn the card upside down and liked it much more that way. Here is what I came up with - a vintage reprint, an acetate transparency, words from a dictionary and a layer of sweet smelling beeswax on the top.

Here is something else I have been working on.
I set the little bird free today.... I hope she'll have a safe flight.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Nevr Dull

Another technique from Bernie Berlin's book. I used 'Nevr Dull' before, but never like this. The background paper is a magazine page. I don't even remember what was on the page... it changed completely. I wouldn't know how to create these colors and shapes any other way. I like them.... do you?
I spent a busy day taking pictures and preparing eBay listings. I listed some things that I don't use. I need to organize my space (again) so that I can work on all the things floating in my head. I finally managed to list my fabric journal and a little fun folio book.
If you want, you can see my items listed here.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Inky layers and good drinks

My dear husband bought pomegranate juice today because he heard that it is healthy. I immediately thought about Oprah's favorite martini... Did you ever try it? Oh, it has to be very healthy... it makes you sing and laugh and be playful. At least - that was my reaction to it. Delicious!
Back to new techniques. This was a simple technique - different types of paper absorb colors (inks) in different ways. Layering them gives surprising effects.
- on ebay -
All my life I had been looking for something,
and everywhere I looked someone tried to tell me what it was.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Friday, January 5, 2007

Paint on Paper Towels

This was an interesting twist on an old technique. You really can't see that the background is made from paper towels. They are torn into little pieces and glued on the card. As you overlap them, the colors mix and change and become fun. I used a piece of my resin paper for the crown. It doesn't look different than if I brushed crystal lacquer on it...Now, for a different kind of art - let me introduce you to the new member of our kitchen. This is my new, super cool Infrawave oven:
We have a tiny kitchen and yet we manage to stuff new appliances and gadgets all the time. This little thing uses infrared light waves to cook faster than regular oven. It starts cooking the minute you turn it on (no preheating!) and it has this fun light that keep turning on and off. I know that I sound like an infrommercial, but I cook every single day and this is like a new art supply for me. I'm having fun with it and sharing the love :-)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Watercolor on Baby Wipes

It is always interesting to mix textures. The baby wipe has a cloth-like feel and was a nice contrast to shiny gold and regular paper.- on eBay -

Intuitive Watercolor

The throat snake didn't leave. I can't speak, but I can type!
Thank you for the get well wishes :-)
Do you know the wonderful feeling when you realize that you didn't expect much and got a lot from something? That is what happened to me with this book. When I saw the title - Artist Trading Card Workshop - I thought that I didn't need a workshop because that is the format I am most comfortable working in and I created hundreds of cards. I decided to get the book anyway because I deeply respect Bernie Berlin's work and because I know some of the people that submitted their cards for the book.
I was so wrong in judging the book by the title! This will probably be one of my favorite books of all times! It is so nice to hold, to look through, to read. I have worked in many of the techniques, but the way they are presented makes them new, fresh and inviting. And I must admit that there are many other techniques that I never tried and I can't wait to try. This is a must-have book. Not only for ATCs. Techniques from this book can be used on anything - in journaling, book altering, canvases. I just LOVE it! My plan is to work through all of the techniques and make cards for each of them. I will not describe the techniques (except the first one a little bit) because it would be a copyright problem and because everyone needs to have this book...
The first technique is "Intuitive Watercolor" and is simply a matter of splashing watercolors on paper and seeing and outlining shapes. FUN! There is no wrong way to do this! If you click on the picture you may notice how the face of the bird created itself. Do you see the beak and the eye? Wings and tail? After finishing the first bird I splashed some more color and was amazed to see the other bird! It was easy to add some found words and collage bits and I had a finished card. I hope you like it! And I hope you buy the book and join me in making little cards with new techniques.
- on eBay -

Monday, January 1, 2007

Self Portrait

I like that the new year begins on a Monday. I like the numbers 2007. I know nothing about numerology, but 2+0+0+7=9 and 9 was always one of my favorite numbers. That's good, too.
I planned to start the day in a gym (wouldn't it be great if this was the year when I finally lost weight?). I planned to share a new favorite book. And some projects I've been working on. It will have to wait till tomorrow, when the 'snake' stops hurting me. At least I managed to create a quick self-portrait. It made me feel better. At least the year started with some art. Tomorrow will be a better day.