Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This was my try at a self-portrait. Of course she looks prettier and younger than I do, I just can't paint more mature faces. Maybe I'll learn one day.
I guess I win the award for the most boring blog in cyber-space. I have a really good excuse... I have been working 10-12 hour days for the last month... including weekends. Not one single free day. Wake up at 5 a.m. and try to function to midnight... I work in the digital department of a print house, and we are printing ballots for the upcoming election. I guess the election would not happen if I stopped working for half a day... (yeah, right). It is exhausting and it will last 2-3 more weeks.
I feel bad for not replying to comments and emails. I even have some new readers (HI!) that I'm completely neglecting. But I just don't have a choice at this moment. It is eating my every moment... even the little time I spend at home (awake) I am not able to decompress. I did steal half an hour last night in my (still unpacked) studio to make this journal entry.
I am dreaming color and journals and canvases and other fun stuff, but will have to wait before it can become more than a dream.
Untill then - thank you for the good thoughts, emails and comments. I promise that I'll be back to blog reading and writing when I reconect to my regular life.
Much love,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This and that...

I have been searching for the perfect time to write a blog post, and in that searching and waiting days have passed, things have happened and if I don't post something now (even if it's not the perfect time) I don't when I will. So this is what I've been up to:
I planted a herb garden. And some other things. I LOVE working in the garden. I scream and jump every time I see a worm... but it doesn't matter. Soon I will have a real garden where kale will grow all winter long for my green smoothies. My dh is going to build me a pretty square foot garden so I can play as much as I want.
I visited a hair salon, so I finally look presentable. Honestly, my hair was so bad... I looked like a scary witch.
I received a complimentary copy of this book:
because one of my journal pages is published in it. For some reason they chose one of my most depressing, sad, weird pages... It's funny looking at my face in a book. I didn't have the chance to read the whole thing, but it looks like eye candy for journal lovers.
I was inspired (as always) by Sharon and Jesse Reno, so I started a huge canvas with tons of color as background. I mounted it on the wall of my studio. My hope is that I will play often on that canvas, using any left-over color, drawing and doodling and writing and experimenting... I hope that it will change and get layers and layers and that this first one will not even show. It was fun to paint with my hands (and hard to clean them) on such a big surface.
Speaking of my studio.... I have new, pretty green boxes on my shelves... They are still waiting for me to organize a ton of "stuff". I unpacked some things (books - they are easy), but so much is still in boxes in the garage...
I painted a little, collaged and sketched too.... but not enough. I'll show more when I have something finished.
The boy didn't get chosen for the team.... He said he gave a 100%... and as much as he is disappointed, he said that when one page is finished, there is always something new waiting on the next page. So he is cooling off and enjoying the weather in Santa Cruz. Thank you for all good wishes.
So, that's about it..... What I have not written about is that I'm very busy at work and that the next month is going to be pretty crazy. It's good to be busy and it's also good to laugh and be silly. And I've been doing that too.
WOW! This was long..... If you made it this far, I'm sending you big cyber hugs. xo