Thursday, February 26, 2009

Epoxy bird

Soooo, you hear me complaining about my work from time to time and I decided that it was time that I wrote something nice. Not only write, but show too. Look what I made at work:
Epoxy bird
A tiny baby bird! They were fixing one of the machines with something I never saw before, so I got a demonstration of the product. It is a "hand kneadable, steel-reinforced epoxy putty adhesive/sealant". Very cool stuff! On the website it says that it will be pliable for 30 minutes, but the little piece that I used to make this bird was almost completely hard after 3-4 minutes. Four minutes of complete bliss (for me) in an unusual place. I love how the bird feels.... it's heavy and metal like and very different from clay. I might even buy the epoxy putty to play some more. Fun!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bubbles of Inspiration

You might recognize my bubble girls from my banner. I had fun with them over the weekend. First I had them printed on a wonderful smooth paper. Then I cut them up, mounted on round wood pieces. I inked the edges, painted the back side, stamped and embossed the words on the front. I also added a little sawtooth hanger on the back.
My dh liked them so much that he hung them on the wall. The diagonal thing didn't work so well, so we changed both the wall and the way they are positioned (I don't have the photo yet). Now they are the last thing we see when we leave the house and I can hear both my daughter and dh recite the words "Dream, Create, Inspire, Explore, Seek" before they open the door. Not a bad way to start the day.
If you need some inspiration, they can be found in my etsy shop.
Have a happy day!

Dream. Follow Your Heart.

Dream. Follow Your Heart

Create. Seek Clarity.

Create. Seek clarity.

Explore Life's Journey

Explore Life's Journey

Begin. Seek. Inspire.

Begin. Seek. Inspire.

Inspire. Stop and Listen.

Inspire. Stop and Listen.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love Sandy and Mona

I am so in love with these dogs... I wish they were mine (but am afraid that our cat wouldn't like that). This was the highlight of my weekend. A lot of rain, tons of chores, some good cuddling time, no art and fun with our friends' dogs. I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! xo

Friday, February 20, 2009

Focus on what you want

Focus on what you want
- page in my journal -

How to scare your (my) husband...

Paint sweet faces all the time and then come up with something like this:
I swear there was fear on his face when he saw it this morning. He stepped back and asked: "Who is this?". I answered that it was me (after all - it is my journal, that's where I journal using paint, shapes, expression). He didn't believe me... but I think I like her.
Even more when she's upside down. There is an interesting look in her eyes when she is turned this way.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I started this painting in December when Sharon was visiting. I wasn't inspired to finish it until now. As always, my paintings reflect what I'm thinking about at that moment and the words are a way for me to journal outside of a real paper journal.

- almost 7" diameter wood painting, available on etsy -

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hold on to your dreams

I love painting on textured surfaces. Golden's light molding paste is one of my favorites. That is what I used as a base for this big eyed girl and her two friends.
PaintIng on textured background
I used the words that have a special meaning to me.
I need to hear and see them now more than ever.
Hold on to your dreams and never let them go.

It doesn't show well on the photo, but I actually made a little pendant and sewed it to the canvas. It added even more dimension and texture.
Hold on to your dreams
The painting is on a 9"x12" canvas and is listed in my etsy shop.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How I make ACEO/ATCs - a little (but very long) tutorial

Last week I was making ATC cards from prints of my January journal pages. I love them! I can't seem to stop playing with them, arranging them in many different ways, looking at colors and the way they interact. It seems that it's been ages ago since I created in that size and used collage as the main technique. I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit the 'old times'. I remembered to take pictures of the process, so that I can share.Gather your supplies. I found a piece of painted watercolor paper and cut it to size (2.5"x3.5"), little bird pictures from an old book, butterfly transparencies and little children pictures from a collage sheet. Would you believe that these four are the only collage little beings I have? I had tons... but they disappeared in the move. Who knows what I've done with them...Arrange them in any way that pleases you and glue with soft matte medium (or glue stick).
Now is the time to take your colored pencils, acrylics, stamps... anything that will add your mark to collage images and make them your own. I like to use my caran d'ache crayons to paint the little outfits.
I added words found in a book and used my sewing machine to add more texture to the cards.
My son used to play a game with store bought ATCs, so I have many left over from that time. I use them to back my own cards. It makes them very sturdy. I love the way they feel.
Over the years I have been asked many times how I add the 'amber colored dimensional border'. This is what I use:
I didn't know that UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder) changes color when it's overheated, but I loved the effect when I saw it. I simply take the card and dip it into the melted UTEE.
It takes only seconds to dry.
I repeat it for all sides.
And this is the result - a handful of collaged, framed artist trading cards.
I hope you enjoyed this demo. Let me know if you try it.
All my cards (original and embellished prints from my journal pages) are listed in my etsy store.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Angel of Spring

-available on etsy-
Thank you for all the encouraging comments. As soon as I finish this post I will jump on the treadmill and continue my quest... The next week will be better. And just in case - I painted an angel to help. She is an Angel of Spring. Not something that we really need here in California. I think I had a jacked on maybe only two days this winter and my roses are still blooming.
I think that this might be my biggest painting yet. She is painted on a 12"x24" art board. I'm not sure that the photo shows it well, but I was very happy with the play of very matte, crackled wings, the gold-leaf halo, dark background and bright flowers. I might try to take another photo in the sun tomorrow. I'll trade you some of our sun for your snow...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Set yourself free

Set yourself free
-available on etsy-
I am so glad that this week is over. It was not the best one. I found out that the company my husband works for is closing so everyone is loosing their jobs; I finally admitted that I am not happy at my work and have to change something; I had a very tiring visit to the dentist, another one to the orthodontist (for Hana) and some other not so pleasant things happened. And yes - my treadmill arrived and is wonderful! I used it 6 out of 7 days and stepped on a scale today... only to find out that I have gained a pound. Talk about disappointment!
Anyway, I have been counting my blessings daily. It is easy to fall into the negativity and I am aware that nothing good comes from it. I'm lucky to have a bbff that patiently listens when I pout and scream and talk nonsense. And a husband that's my super hero and that will become "An officer and a gentleman" and get me out of my workplace one day (he won't be able to carry me if the stupid scale doesn't start going downwards).
I needed to paint something positive, so this canvas is filled with affirmations and just the look at the blue bird getting ready to fly makes me feel better. I'll be flying in my studio this weekend. Hope we'll all have a good one. xo