Monday, March 25, 2013

101 BIRDS - Painting #26

As much as I love the heavy use of colors, texture and layers, I also really love the clean look of loosely worked watercolor. I can rarely achieve that look, but in this case I think I got it :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A raw journal page

It has been a long while since I pulled out my big visual journal and poured my soul into it. The day has only a limited amount of hours, and between my daily digital journaling, "regular" journal, commissions and other things there wasn't enough time for it. And then I just had to... 
 I love the feeling when something nudges, whispers, then screams and we finally decide to listen and let it out. Do you know the feeling? I promised myself that I will allow it to show up more often.
I saw something that I didn't expect on the finished page. I remember quickly dabbing the yellow color in the eyes instead of regular dark pupils, and didn't even stop to look at it because I was busy splashing the color in different places. At the end I saw hearts! They somehow painted themselves! I take that as a gift from my journal to me and as a good sign :-) 
-acrylics in Moleskine 16.5x11.75"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My studio wall

Shonna recently wrote a post "Where Women REALLY create", and I thought that was really interesting. I am not brave enough to show you everything (disaster area), but this wall should do for now. While skyping with my parents this morning I noticed how cluttered and untidy it looks. I guess it might motivate me to straighten up things a bit... but only after I finish a painting I've been working on :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Finished painting :)

A while ago I showed the beginning of a painting, the first big painting I started in a long while. I tried snapping progress pictures, and even though the light wasn't good and they are blurry, I will show them here. Poor things - all three went from aliens, to bug-eyed, to blind... then back to ladies.
I have to brush up on my photo skills, as here they are finished but look washed out and one toned, while seen in real life they are full of layers and depth. I am happy to say that they are purchased already and on their way to their new home, while I am contemplating a much larger painting in a completely different color scheme. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

About New Year's resolutions and printables

I've been avoiding my blog for days because I don't like what I'm about to write. But it's either stop blogging or get it out and go on with life. WOW - this sounds really dramatic, but in reality it isn't a big deal. It's just that I don't feel proud of myself when I say I will do something and then I don't go through with it. I said that I would be more ambitious this year and create digital kits every month and my ambition lasted exactly one month.
I also thought that I will be posting a free collage sheet every month. But I can't...  I thought that I will have much more time for art than I actually have and that it would be easy, but as we know - life doesn't work that way. It turned out that I have very little time for art, and making collage sheets out of nothing is pretty difficult.
 Although my free printables have been downloaded over 1000 times, only several creative souls wrote to me to say that they used them, so I'm guessing that it really is not important that I won't be making them anymore.
As the service I was using for immediate download is not free, I decided to cancel it, so the printables will be available for the next week or so, after which I will have to delete them. Here is the selection, in case you are new to the blog and missed them:
If you click on the picture it will bring you to the page where you can download them. Or - you can just click on the tab that is on top of the page that says "Printables".
So why do I have "New Year's resolutions" in the tittle? Just because for me they don't work and I don't make them. It usually follows this same scenario - I think of something I want to do, it doesn't work out and then I feel miserable. It is so silly, the pressure we put on ourselves for no reason at all...
Now that I have this of my chest, maybe I can start creating and posting regularly again.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Journaling on iPad in February

I am still loving my daily digital journaling. And I love when a month comes to an end and I can make a quick collage of all pages (it takes no time at all with the turbo collage app). I can then glance and see many snippets of our family life in February. This way I will never forget the first ever waffle I ate in my life (first waffle at 48 - that must be some record!), or how a face mask turned my face a lobster color, or a day where two weird male characters entered my life (second pic from the bottom/right - don't ask), or how much cuddle time we have with our cat etc etc.  
Happy March!