Friday, August 31, 2012

New collage sheet

collage sheet angels
This is the first collage sheet I put together after almost two years. I decided on a size I never used before - 1"x2", which is good for domino art. Then I challenged myself to see what I can create using just this one collage sheet (and supplies from my studio).
First I made a journal page. It was fun to create long, lean figures and combine words from a book over them. I made sure there is enough space for actual journaling.
journal page
Next was a tiny domino journal. I was surprised to see how fast and easy it is to use the coptic stitch on this small format. It was quicker than it took the encaustic medium, that I brushed on covers, to melt.
domino journal
I showed the ATC cards and little inchies already. 
This was really a fun project. If you like it, and want to play along - this collage sheet, along with 22 others can be found in my recently re-opened etsy shop.
Happy creating!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


 I had more things to show today, but time somehow ran out, so I'll post these two little ATC cards. It feels good to play with small formats. I haven't done that in  a while. Another small thing (tiny journal) coming for the 'show&tell' tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I made a handful of tiny art today! It has been a long time since I've played with this tiny format. I think I participated in an exchange years ago and still have all the tiny pieces I received then.
Interestingly enough, I started the day by pulling out a book (actually, it's more than a book) that I purchased a couple of months ago and left unopened. My eyesight seems to be changing rapidly and I'm using my (still new) eyeglasses more and more often, so I thought a holistic approach might help. I don't think the author recommends making tiny art. Maybe he does - I read only the preface... but will continue the book tomorrow (look how cute the inchies look on the cover).
Because many of the commenters don't have emails connected to their profiles, I thought I could thank you for the thoughtful comments right here. As always, they make my day brighter. For lady M. - no need for translation, we speek the same language ;-)  hvala.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Who needs angels?

art painting angels
Angels have no philosophy but love.
-Terri Guillemets
art painting angels
My summer has been a mix of very sad, very happy and everything in between.  I resist the sad... I don't like that we are supposed to have both. I don't think I need the bad in order to know what is good. I want to stomp my feet and close my eyes so I don't see or feel the sad. 
art painting angels
I fight it by trying to shift it to positive. Positive thoughts, good energy and painting. I often paint angels when I need them. Today I need them. And maybe some of you too, so I'm sharing.
Outside the open window
The morning air is all awash with angels.
-Richard Purdy Wilbur
art painting angels

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Journal page with details that tell me a story

I found myself sitting in the car for a long time today. For some reason I stopped carrying a little journal with me, so the only piece of paper I could find was a parking slip. Interestingly, that small piece of paper brought me peace. I fished out my favorite pen from the bag and made a quick sketch. Then, instead of throwing it away, as I planned, I took it home and built a journal page around it.
Since this day was all about my daughter, I put on the page some things that tell me a story about it.
 The little snippets really don't mean anything to anyone, except me. And although the journal page isn't a masterpiece, it is exactly what I want from it - a visual and written memory of the day and my feelings about her.
BTW - she is starting her senior year in high school, and I'm trying very hard not to see her as the little nugget she was when she wasn't all grown up and serious. Sigh.....
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Listen to the moment

Hello! How are you?
It seems that I took an unexpected blog break...
 I think I lost my blogging voice... For a while wondered what would be a good "come back" post. Since nothing came to mind, I decided to just jump back into it "with a light heart".
I recorded a video, I think my first one in over a year. It shows me playing with my portfolio pastels and white paint on watercolor paper.
This is my 17th video and the first one that has a 'dislike' on youtube. Yikes...
Maybe you shouldn't look at it ;-)
I painted a ton of stuff, so I hope to be back more often for show & tell.
Hope that you're doing well and enjoying the end of August.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Test. Test. Test.
Just wondering if I can blog using my phone...