Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fly little bird fly...

Thank you for all the sweet comments on the previous post. I guess we all wish that we can do whatever we want... and certainly in a journal we all can
(send me an email if you try something crazy).
It will be pretty silent on this blog for a couple of weeks. Today we are flying all the way from San Francisco to here. It is a place where there are people that know me when I was little, where my feet will remember the streets, where many dreams started and some came true. Hana was a six year old girl when she was there the last time. Now she's returning as a 16-y-old teenager. I think what I'm looking forward the most is to see her reactions to everything and everyone... 
As much as I can't wait to be there, I already miss our home. I went around today snapping pictures... This is how the tree in our backyard looks now:  
I wonder if it will be in its full glory when we return or will the flowers fall off. 
I don't expect to have time to do any art there, but I wouldn't feel right if I didn't have at least some supplies with me. I thought you'd like to see what I'm taking with me on the plane. Are you familiar with Magay Ohika's (itsybitsyspill) art? I adore her quirky figures and amazing use of color. I treated myself to one of her clutches. It will house my supplies and bring me joy every time I reach for it. Inside will be my little watercolor set, several pencils, conte crayons, a brush and probably some water-soluble pencils or crayons (I can't make up my mind). Oh, and a new journal of course... I couldn't use one many that are lying around... Do you see Sharon's little card? I can't leave without my friend, so I'm taking her card with me. Her new amazing class will start soon.... I will join it when I return.
Look who's else travelling with me:
Another etsy find. Everyone knows how much I love birds, so I think this was made for me.
Isn't that the cutest ring ever? I found it here and fell in love (there is even a coupon code if you are interested - MGMBLOG).
That's it for now. Stay safe, be creative and have fun.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can do whatever I want

I can do whatever I want!!!!!
In my journal, of course.
And I guess in my dreams too.
I pretty much broke all the rules and used everything that is not supposed to go together on this page. Oil pastels, watercolors, color pencils, gesso, crayons.... I also used every possible color that I could reach without standing up and searching for it. I'm not saying that it looks good or that it's something that I plan to do always, but I can if I want to. That's the point. My journal, my art, my time to do whatever I want.
My dreams are never as crazy or fun as this page... Maybe I can change that too :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spilling dots revisited

You might remember my first "Spilling dots" post, how I was charmed by ladybugs and inspired
to paint something. 
I wrote that I liked the detail of the painting much more than the whole painting.
Today was the day when I finally couldn't stand to look at it any more, so I changed it.
It's so easy to play with paint! I'm less and less scared of it. You don't like it - paint over.
This might not be the final version, but the layers of colors, texture... it makes me happy now and I had a blast painting over it.
Just a little reminder - I'm closing my etsy store in 5 days...
If  you use coupon BLOGLOVE you will receive 20% discount.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do it anyway...

Earlier today I wrote to my friend that I'm sitting in my studio and have no idea what to paint. I added that I might decide to get a brush in hand and see what happens. So I did. I painted a face and hated it. The color was wrong, one eye was higher than the other (which I do almost always), her forehead was ridiculously small etc. etc. I disliked the page so much that I just grabbed a black pencil and angrily made circular marks around her eye. And then it happened... the feeling that I like most when creating. Something in me broke loose... probably because I had no expectations at that moment. I continued drawing, adding crayons, paint, markers, words... The result is not important (although I think I like her now). It is the process. I was free to play and I had fun. So yes, even if you don't know what to do - do it anyway, because you'll probably have fun as much as I did.