Saturday, April 18, 2009

Enjoying the company

A journal page...
When I page through my journals most of the time I remember where I was/what was I feeling/thinking when I painted something. So, what will I remember about this page? That my 14-year old girl decided to spend an hour and a half watching me paint and not on her computer. Totaly unexpected for a Friday afternoon... She chatted away while I painted, giving coments from time to time (like - you gave her a mustache, she's starting to look cute etc.). When I said I don't know what to do with her hair (I left that for almost the end), Hana jumped in, took my brush and painted the hair without thinking twice. After she saw me strugling with the eyelashes, she did the same thing... I was amazed with the no-thinking way she just jumped into my painting. She wasn't second-guessing herself or overthinking it... just plunged into the paint and adding what she wanted. Needless to say - I love her additions and I love the time we spent together. That's what I'll think of when I see this page in years to come. Have a happy weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2009

An unexpected gift

Isn't it wonderful when you open your mailbox and find an unexpected gift happily looking at you? Something so different from the regular junk mail and bills... I took one glance at this amazing box and recognized Fiona's fine work. As you see, I couldn't wait to open it... (the photo came later).
I always admired journals made from many different papers and always wanted one for myself, but never made it. Could you imagine my surprise when I saw exactly what I wanted in the box? Every page different, on every page something to look at, different texture, color, a drawing, envelope, poem, handwriting... just beautiful! It feels like it doesn't need anything added... like it is a finished book with enough interesting things to make you want to open it again and again.My daughter rolled her eyes when she saw the cover. She said "Even your blog friends know that you are obsessed with your garden..." I had to laugh at that. What a perfect cover! Thank you Fiona! I don't know how I deserved this, but I'm very grateful and it made me very happy.
And about my obsession with the garden.... true.... very true.... I could spend hours just looking at it (and thankfully not having to do anything except water it and love it). The only art I managed in last who knows how many days was this cross-eyed girly and her radishes.
I love my garden
An ode to my glorious radishes... the first thing I grew from seed! To me it's pretty magical and amazing (not to mention crunchy and tasty).
My first radishes :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring in my garden
Another weekend zoomed by.... too fast, as usual. The weather was amazing. No art... just playing in the garden, enjoying flowers, the colors of spring, planting a new baby tree (kumquat) and stressing out about taxes. Several salads and green smoothies have been enjoyed from the little garden already... I want to change my profession - I spent half of my life working in front of the computer; not I want to be a farmer. Have a happy week! xo

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thinking about you

Thinking about you
What I found out while I painted this: if you use a pencil that is not EXTRA SOFT over your painting on plaster - it makes white lines, not black. It scratches easily, which is a cool effect when you want it, but not when you want dark black lines.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009