Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New art supply

Before the visit, I told Sharon that I am bringing an art supply that I never tried before and would like to explore with her. I also said that it's nothing special and that she probably worked with it before, but for me it was new... 
I brought out my new, unopened box of gouache paints. Sharon smiled, without even looking reached for a place in a drawer and pulled out another box of gouache. She said that she painted with them a long time ago and wanted to try them out again with me. Don't you love when things like that happen?
I enjoyed painting with them a lot. It was different, I think they made me paint slower, which was good because we chatted all along. We started with the same inspiration piece to look at, but finished with completely different results. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Sharon's page, but hopefully she will post it on her blog soon. This is what I painted in my little moleskine watercolor journal.
art journal

Friday, August 26, 2011

Visiting Sharon and her muse Norah...

I'm back from Texas... I blinked and the week was over.
For the last couple of hours I've been looking at my collection of photos and thinking how to put it all in a post and try to describe the time we spent together. And since I can't figure it out, I guess it will have to be spread out in several posts and I'll just start with the beginning.
My trip started very early in the morning. That is good because it took me three planes to get to Ms. Sharon...  and - I got to see the sunrise from high above, which is always cool. It was really great!
We walked and talked, she cooked, I ate; we watched birds and bunnies, talked some more, and more, painted, soaked in the amazing views of her property... days were too short. 
We also made jewelry! I was very lucky to have a private workshop with a very talented lady:
She patiently led me through the complex and very fun process of working with metal and resin. There were moments that camera couldn't capture but that I know we'll remember forever (I don't think that Sharon will ever trust me with a Dremel tool again, although she will with the torch because I'm the master of fire! /in my dreams/).
 I used my digital collage sheet for my pendant (it was just the size I needed), while Sharon made a print of a detail of one of her new amazing paintings for hers. Now all I need to do is attach the pendant to a ribbon, leather cord or a chain and I will have a one of a kind necklace. Except that I don't want to, because I need to hold it in my hand for a while and stare at it... Sharon's pendant is on the left, mine on the right.
We both wished that we had more time to paint together because it was really a fun to do, but there are things to show... so, the story will continue.
Have an amazing weekend!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Angel and her papillons

If you look closely you will see that this angel has more than one set of wings. It because right now I am probably in a plane. One of three that will be taking me to a fairyland far far away to meet a very special, dear friend for a week of art and fun... I will be back with stories and pictures and I'm sure a ton of art to show. In the meantime - stay well. I wish you a happy week. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From this to that...

From this lovely, rock-like, weird succulent to a rock plant with a pretty flower.
From red peppers and eggplant to yummy roasted veggies.
From an unwanted box to art.
I cut out a side of the box and spent some time with it in the studio. 
11"x10.5" mixed media on cardboard

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer art camps

Look what I painted!!! A silly creature!
And another one: 
And more...
Actually, I painted dozens of "imaginary creatures" and can't wait to make more.  
 I also had fun quickly creating exactly 101 faces!!! Of course, they are not as small as shown here...
And although you might not think so (by looking at my scribbles), I learned several techniques that I know that I am going to incorporate in my journals, and probably on my canvases (not to mention that I found out that I love to draw bald guys and male profiles - funny!)
I've been having fun in Carla Sonheim's summer camps, and thought that someone else might enjoy them too, so I'm sharing the information. I had very limited time to play, but it fit just fine. I enjoyed every minute of both camps, couldn't wait to wake up and watch the daily videos. I am looking forward to the third one (starts tomorrow). Let me know if you join!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Imaginary Place

Don't you love that with paint we can create places from our imagination?
This is where I wanted to be today...
 - 16" x 20" - 
(available in my etsy store)
Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the deep

 I finally finished something... I used whatever time I had to add layer after layer of transparent acrylics and textures until it was time to stop. I had Jamaica on my mind, and all the amazing blues and greens that I cary in my memory and since I can't go there, I was happy just to add the colors on three canvases.
 It is very difficult to present canvases when they are so big (48"x20"), that is why I prefer the close-ups. This is not my room... I don't think that I would be brave enough to paint walls with such a dark color (although I love the way it looks).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hi! Hello! How are you?
Life suddenly became more full with non-art related stuff so I stepped out of my blog for a while. I'll be back to painting, posting, visiting blogs as soon as I learn how to rearrange my time once again.
In the meantime, I'll share a new (for me) blog. If you click HERE you'll see it.
My painting was featured on it today, but if you scroll down you will see a lot of amazing, inspiring art.