Monday, October 30, 2006

Fairy Friend

The universe is full of magical things
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Published!!! :-)

I could try to be "cool" and pretend that it is not a big deal that my dolls are published in Art Doll Magazine... but it would be just that - pretending. The truth is that I couldn't sleep after I received an email (in August) that they will be published and now that I see them in print I'm floating around with a silly grin. What an amazing feeling! Some of you know that I have a problem calling myself an artist so to have a two page spread in this amazing magazine is a big big big deal.

She needs a name...

... and a home. I have an idea for the home, but could use some help with the name... pretty please...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Big eyed girl

My brain is going to explode because I can't make up my mind... I have no idea what I want to do. I would like to create everything in every possible style with every technique known to man. I can't do it!
After spending last couple of days agonizing over this, I decided to relax and have fun. This character came to life while I was watching a black&white Gregory Peck movie (wasn't he the most handsome man?). No collage, no special mediums and million pieces of paper and paint around... just watercolor. Extra unusual for me. It was very refreshing not to have an hour long clean-up time... :-)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Wanderlust is commonly defined as a strong desire to travel, or by having an itch to get out and see the world.
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Little journal

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I saw beautiful autumn pictures on Tejae's blog and wanted to post my own. Fall is not as obvious here as in many other places, but it is definitely here. We went for a lovely walk today around the neighborhood. The sky was extra blue, the sun was shinning, flowers were everywhere, there was not a hint of coldness in the air.... but there was just enough fallen leaves to make the wonderful 'crunch crunch' sound and rich color spots to confirm beyond doubt that Fall is here!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fall's bounty

I visited one of my favorite market places today - Berkeley Bowl.
As you can see, I filled my cart with beautiful fruits, vegetables, nuts... They looked so great that I couldn't resist but arrange them in colors on the check stand (is that the name of the place where you put your groceries before you pay for them?) I wish I had a camera to take a picture of the cashier's face! She took a look at the color-arranged produce, than glanced at me and for a quick moment I could see that she was thinking that I am very weird... Weird or not - it looked wonderful!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

my scary Chinese Elemental Profile

Real difficulties can be overcome;
it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.
Theodore N. Vail

You know how you cruise the Internet searching for one thing and end up reading something completely unrelated? It happens to me more times than I would like... Today was one of those days. I stumbled onto a page with healthy recipes and for some reason clicked here and then on a test for Chinese Elemental Profile. I don't know why that called my attention... I don't even know what Elemental Profile is...but I did the test. And didn't like the results. Short version - I have metal and water elements in excess, which makes me:
  • Rigid, bossy and self-righteous
  • Perfectionistic to the point that no one can meet their standards
  • Withdrawn into their own world, distant and detached from others
  • Resentful, judgmental, and controlling
  • Emotionally inaccessible, unresponsive and physically inactive
  • Blunt, sarcastic and suspicious
  • Lost in their inner world, obsessing over every bump, bruise or scratch
  • Negative, cynical and insensitive toward others
And I thought that I was positive, cheery and optimistic... I wouldn't say that I am 100% as described (thankfully, the world would be a dangerous place if they were correct) but I can recognize some elements.... (and it's not even that time of the month).
As my friend Connie would say, "Oh my..."
Time for reflexion. And change.
Metal's Lesson: The world is not perfect, and neither am I.
Water’s Lesson: Taking emotional risks awakens you to your full potential.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cleaning the clutter

I spent hours yesterday cleaning and organizing my paper scraps and paints. I even threw away some tiny paper snippets... If you love paper you know how traumatic that can be. I believe that everything can be used, but it just seems that there is never enough time for that and the scrap pile keeps growing and growing... So, today I knew where everything was so it was actually FUN to create.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The last big journal

I finished another big journal and listed it on eBay. I never listed anything with a price this high... It was probably not the best idea in the world because I doubt that it will sell, but I just had to do it this way. As much as I enjoy creating journals like this, they are really not cost effective. Not only do they take days to create, but the things I put in have a certain value... Not to mention that it takes a full day to take photos and organize a listing. Another mistake - I have more than 50 pictures in my listing. Who will take the time to look through that? It's just that I want to show what's inside. I worry that people will not notice how many little details are in the big picture and how much thought I put into the elements my journals... Oh well... What will be will be.
I also listed this sleeping cat. I love when I can express my feelings through art. This piece is just like a journal page in three dimensions. I was feeling sad and low the whole day, a million silly things going through my mind, kind of torturing myself (does it ever happen to you?). And I noticed that our cat (Bart) was sleeping so peacefully, so relaxed... he calmed me down. I found a piece of wood (from a rubber stamp), sketched him and later painted using Carla Sonheim's technique. Then I added the saying on the back. I should have probably rubber stamped it, but I couldn't wait... I had to finish it. Now it makes me smile.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A CRO mail day!

I love Cro (Cinda / Turquoise Cro) mail days! I smiled when I saw the envelope, knowing that something fun will be inside. I love my ATCs! Thank you for swapping with me!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

New listings

I had time to play!! ! Hours of creating, mess beyond belief and only three things to show. I wanted to be 'wild and free' and create something in my journal, but the time just slipped... Here is a painted and collaged accordion ACEO holder that sold half an hour after I listed it :-) !!! These cards were fun to make, but a lot of work. The transfers are done with liquid polymer clay. I love the leathery feel they have. Added some machine stitching, combined with transparency and layers of paper and paint...
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trades, swaps and treasures

I am still trying to get back to the routine of my 'normal' life. Now that Art&Soul has finished, I am reading other blogs, learning about classes that I didn't take, experiences that I missed and people that I didn't get to meet. Somehow I missed a lot of things... mostly because I am pretty closed, quiet and even shy... Of course, all of that changes when someone manages to see over my 'wall' and gets to really know me... but that doesn't help in big, spontaneous gatherings as the one I attended. Oh well... I am who I am and this was a huge step for me. Maybe I'll become one of the cheerful, fun and outgoing people one day in the future... Anyway - good thing is that other people are more open, because they would approach me and ask for trades. Here is a photo of the trades I received - some words, ATCs, pins, necklaces and a decorated box to store it all. It was great fun to trade! I was happy to see that some were using my papers and tags as collage material in their classes.The first little traded 1" square was waiting for me. A perfect tiny collage from Tejae.
She added a stack of the most beautiful vellum paper I've ever seen! It reminded me of my childhood, when I would trade delicate napkins with my friends (we called them Japanese napkins... I don't know if they were really from Japan). I'm not sure that I can use the vellum - it is pretty just as is...
My dear friend Connie visited me yesterday. She endured hours of me talking and talking about Art & Soul. And not only was she the most patient guest, she surprised me with a wonderful gift. I can't express how much I love this box! It brought tears to my eyes, even before she told me that the buttons were vintage, some from her mother's blouse... It is very special, just as Connie and I will treasure it forever.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

To Portland and back!

I can't believe that I went to Art&Soul and came back already! Time passed so quickly... I will need much more time to process things that I learned, things that I saw, people I met... It was so great to be completely immersed in art for a few days, but it is so wonderful to be back home. Nothing better than seeing my husband waiting for me with open arms, my son's lovely smile and hear Hana trying to talk about her whole week all at once.
I didn't take as many photos as I thought I would. It didn't feel right clicking away and disturbing people you just met. But I did snap a few... The first one is from my hotel room, late in the evening. I managed to get on time to get registered and to receive my lovely fat book. The lock on my suitcase was broken (?!?) but the hotel people quickly took care of it (cut it off). I made a cup of coffee and opened the welcome package - a bottle holder box. It was full of little treasures - beads, ink pad, sweet smelling lavender pouch, golden products, a bendi doll, watersoluble pencils... What a treat to open! And the fat book is so amazing that I will look through it many times.
My first class was with Nina Bagley. I absolutely LOVE reading her blog and now will always 'hear' her voice while I read it. She commented that I have a lovely accent, and I had to reply that her southern accent is also absolutely great. This was a two-day class.... and all I can say is that I appreciate her art even more now. It is not an easy process to create that amazing jewelry... even if we had her enormous imagination and talent it would be very difficult to make those lovelies. I was so out of my comfort zone that I carefully chose the words to put on my pendant. They helped me move on and try to work on the piece. I drilled holes in stones!!! (One of the stones attacked me, and the Dremel fell from my hands in water and splashed my poor neighbor, and I turned it on even higher speed when I tried to turn it off... and it was embarrassing and scary.) I also made a groove all around a stone and am very proud of that! Can you see it in the photo?
Dan Essig is such a sweet man and amazing artist! I loved his class! I was familiar with the Coptic stitch, but never used 4 needles before. He was very organized and helped us every step of the way and made it easy and fun. I hope to have a chance to take a class with him again.
"Luminous Collaging Techniques" with Phoenix Forrester combined acrylics, collage and oil paint. It was not a structured class, more like a fun place to create fast and free. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well so I had to leave the class at lunch break. I managed to play with one canvas. At this point I can't add any collage pieces but plan to work more with oil colors.
My last and most anticipated class was with Carla Sonheim. What a beautiful and talented woman! Not only is she a great artist but also a wonderful teacher. It was magical to watch her create her sweet characters. I enjoyed the class very much! D.J. Pettit and Claudine Hellmuth were in the class too!

We were painting a family portrait. My family looked very gloomy at this stage. It made me laugh to look at our long, candle like figures. I was so inspired that I continued working on it late at night in my hotel room and finished the whole piece. Don't we look funny?

There are more things to share, but I'm tired and have a cold and can't wait to jump in the bed. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to be there. I am also very confused at this point. How to incorporate the things that I learned in my art and not be a copy cat... We'll see where it takes me.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Almost bye-bye

Open suitcase, open mind... I'm feeling a little bit nervous, anxious, giggly, worried, lightheaded.... This will be my first Art Retreat experience and I can't wait for it to start... and finish.
I spent the day paying bills, cooking dinners, making 'mental notes' about everything, tending to a sick child (why wouldn't she be sick when I'm supposed to be away - thank you Mr. Murphy)...
I'll try and get a good night's sleep, pack quickly in the morning and fly away. I wish you a great week! I'm sure that I'll be back with a lot of pictures, stories, new friends and knowledge.