Monday, September 28, 2009

Pink Roses

From time to time I have to paint roses. My angle brush starts calling my name and I can see only pinkish/red and white tones.

So I don't resist it. I paint roses.

And then I decide who will carry the rose.

Or who will stand on the rose.

I used a 12.5"x14" piece of weathered wood and painted both sides. Why waste a perfectly good surface, right? This way it can be turned from one side to the other... two paintings in one. I liked that idea. And I also love the crackle finish. Look at the details.... so many patterns to explore.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Something different

Did I ever mention how my very protective husband gets worried if I don't paint pretty faces, flowers and butterflies? It is very sweet and funny at the same time. He saw this painting in process and got all worried about the girl in it... Why is she scared and cold? How am I feeling? What can he do?

 When I assured him that I am fine, but just needed to paint this he asked if I can add something that will help the girl in the painting; someone who is waiting to guide her. So I did. And the little fairy on the right side is doing just that.... waiting to help her.

Somehow it made me feel better too. It's good knowing that there is hope. And that you first have to be scared in order to be brave. As always, I enjoyed pulling out colors and textured details from the painting.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I love tiny birds!

Can you see it?

I was typing emails in my backyard Monday afternoon, enjoying the perfect weather and the quiet company of my husband (who was also typing something on his computer). And then the little one came, had a drink on the feeder and sat on a tiny branch of our lemon tree to rest.

And it stayed there a very long time... maybe over 10 minutes. It was there long enough that my dh was able to go to the house, take a camera, get back out and snap photos. I couldn't take my eyes of him. I think they are magical creatures and was just amazed that it was there, undisturbed by our presence and that we can share such a pleasant late summer afternoon.

So, I quick journal page emerged. Something interesting happened as I layered colors and mediums, it got a glassy or plastic-y look, like my writing is under a thick layer of resin or something... I wish knew how I did that so that I can repeat it on another painting.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling safe

You blink and the weekend is gone... This is what I was working on:

I think it looks a bit darker than it should. Maybe it's just my monitor...

As always, it's so much fun to look at different cropped details of a painting. So often I like them more than the whole thing. I loved painting these ladies. I guess I should go and clean my studio now if I want to be able to paint again. Bye...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Green hat

Agnes has a friend. Not even one name popped in my mind while I was painting her, so I guess it was a one time deal. It's Friday!!!! Can you feel how happy I am about it? Love Fridays! Have a great weekend! xo

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


She wore her heart on her sleeve.

My faces never have names. Except for this one. Agnes. Where did that name come from, I have no idea. I wasn't reading a book about Agnes, I don't have a friend with that name... I find it interesting that it just popped up in my mind. And today I clicked on a blog link and was interested in something in etsy... would you believe - it was a dress named "Agnes"! I wonder if my future paintings will have names or was this a one time deal.

Anyway.... she is painted on canvas board covered with distressed plaster and on top of it plaster cloth and some more textured elements. I used for the first time Genesis oil paints. I think that I like them, but am not sure. The reason I wanted to try them is to get a smooth face... and then I painted on a very textured background, so now I don't know if they'll do what I would like them to. We'll see.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't ask...

Don't ask what this is.... or who they are.... or where did they come from. I don't know. All I know is that they needed to be painted.
Do you know about Mystele's "pulled art" or her upcoming class? I can't wait for it to start so that we can play together. This is what I saw in my 'pulled art' piece. And I tried "seeing" different things, not painting the weird creatures... but it didn't work. And while painting them I really started to feel the connection and love and now I think it's one of my favorite pieces. Weird, but very much in tune with what I have been trying to do since Katie Kendrick's workshop. I will write an excerpt from a book she recommended (Life, Paint and Passion - reclaiming the magic of spontaneous expression):
"Good rules to follow: If it has a reason, be skeptical. If it makes sense, furthers the story, balances the color, or ties the painting together, there is a good chance that it is the voice of control. If it comes uninvited - if it does not fit or make sense - dare it! If you are not sure where it is coming from - your head or your heart - do it anyway. You will learn in the doing."
Wonderful, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Playing in my journal

Sometimes I don't want to think, I just want to push some paint. Without an idea, concept or inspiration... just a brush or two, some paint and my journal. This is one of those pages. Except - I didn't start on a blank page. See those reddish marks on the right side? I found something that even the sturdy moleskine pages can't resist. I squiggled Dr. Ph. Martin's Persimmon watercolor paint directly from the bottle on the opposite side. Obviously - it went through! Who would have guessed! I think it just added to the funny character that appeared on the opposite page. Fun! Love happy mistakes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A painting.

This is what was born from my brush yesterday afternoon.

It's relatively big - 11.5"x15" on that same 300g watercolor paper that I used the day before. I just love how it soaks up layers and layers of paint and mediums and allows me to play. I guess that's why I painted for many hours; I just couldn't stop layering. Of course, it always shows better in the close ups.

I didn't take pictures of different stages for a while, so I thought this might be a good idea. Not the best photos.... I didn't want to take time to make the lighting right, so you can see probably my shadow and other things.

My new favorite thing to do is to search through and listen at playlists on youtube. Yesterday I was in mood for Chopin. It was very hot, but I was feeling very comfy in my room with piano music, this lady and her cat keeping me company.

Poor thing. I wonder why is she sad.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Decisions. Choices. Growing up.

Look at this cute little bird. What is going through her mind? Is she happy that she is out of the cage or is she longing to go back? Is a cage always a cage? Those were some of the questions that I was thinking about while painting this yesterday.

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.
Flora Whittemore

This is the first watercolor paper that I used from Elinor's collection. It is pretty amazing. I loved the texture and that it is so very heavy (probably 140 lb or could it be more?) and the way the colors look on it. As usual, here are some details:

Hana started high school. That's a big deal, right? My little girl not so little anymore. Wasn't it yesterday that I walked her to kindergarten? (She told me that she doesn't like this picture at all... Why? Her bone structure is wrong or ugly or something like that. Could you believe that answer? lol)

Happy September!