Thursday, September 24, 2009

Something different

Did I ever mention how my very protective husband gets worried if I don't paint pretty faces, flowers and butterflies? It is very sweet and funny at the same time. He saw this painting in process and got all worried about the girl in it... Why is she scared and cold? How am I feeling? What can he do?

 When I assured him that I am fine, but just needed to paint this he asked if I can add something that will help the girl in the painting; someone who is waiting to guide her. So I did. And the little fairy on the right side is doing just that.... waiting to help her.

Somehow it made me feel better too. It's good knowing that there is hope. And that you first have to be scared in order to be brave. As always, I enjoyed pulling out colors and textured details from the painting.


  1. What a nice husband!! I kind of want to help this girl too...really interesting, Zorana!

  2. You have such a caring husband, Zorana. I'm glad he asked for help for the girl. The little fairy was just the right add.

  3. That is so touching. I never thought about being scared to be's true. I was thinking about when I had my transplant....scared and brave at the same time.
    I love the textures.

  4. How adorable of your husband! I wonder if he's concerned the images you paint are secretly how you're feeling?

    I never thought about how courage comes from being scared but now that I do it makes total sense!

  5. Your husband has been paying lovely that he was concerned about you.
    How do you get these great detail pieces and shapes?

  6. How precious is that man of yours?
    What a gift.

    Sending love and encouragement with your incredible paintings.

    xox Rella