Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I love tiny birds!

Can you see it?

I was typing emails in my backyard Monday afternoon, enjoying the perfect weather and the quiet company of my husband (who was also typing something on his computer). And then the little one came, had a drink on the feeder and sat on a tiny branch of our lemon tree to rest.

And it stayed there a very long time... maybe over 10 minutes. It was there long enough that my dh was able to go to the house, take a camera, get back out and snap photos. I couldn't take my eyes of him. I think they are magical creatures and was just amazed that it was there, undisturbed by our presence and that we can share such a pleasant late summer afternoon.

So, I quick journal page emerged. Something interesting happened as I layered colors and mediums, it got a glassy or plastic-y look, like my writing is under a thick layer of resin or something... I wish knew how I did that so that I can repeat it on another painting.


  1. Oh how exciting that you got to enjoy the visit for so long. Love your list too and I'm sure curious what you did to get that effect.

  2. You did a delightful job of capturing that bird on paper.


  3. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon-with a little feathered friend. And I do love hummingbirds. The celebrating painting is nice too.

  4. What a wonderful little bird. I love how you captured him.


  5. What a great shot of the hummer! and of course your painting. I have had them resting and drinking here too. One sat on the feeder for quite a while and I just froze and watched him.