Saturday, December 8, 2012

How many times can I use the same image?

I was really happy that so many downloaded my free collage sheet, and was curious to see what can I make using the images from it. 
Zorana, Zoranaland, bird art, collage, Christmas card
The challenge I made up for myself was to create 10 different collages.
Zorana, Zoranaland, bird art, collage, Christmas card
I used only the collage sheet (actually - several, I printed 3 copies), pages from a book, and materials that are always on hand (paint, markers, stamps, stencils).
Zorana, Zoranaland, bird art, collage, Christmas card
This was fun! I loved it!
Painting over the image changed the character of the bird.
Here I added a cutout from another image to give the bird a second wing and used "ornaments" as parts for the tree.
Of course, I didn't throw away the bird that "lost" it's wing... 
Would you believe it - I made one without the birds! Surprised even myself :-)
I hope this gives you some inspiration, and would LOVE to see what you create.
Please share :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

If you received an email from me...

My email was hacked.... I apologize to everyone that received an email from me with a link to probably something inappropriate... It wasn't really from me and there was no way I could have prevented it. I don't know why yahoo makes it so easy for accounts to be broken into, as this is not the first time something like this happened to me or people I know.
I hope you didn't click on the link...
I'm sorry :-(

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Free Collage Sheet

Are you one of those organized people that are prepared for the Holiday season?
Cards, gifts, decorations and all?
I am not, but I want to be. 
I made a collage sheet with simple images that can be combined in many ways and can't wait to play with them.
If you think you might enjoy them too, you can download the hi-quality file when you look at the top of my blog page and click on the button that says "Printables". The price is $0.00 so don't worry about adding it to the cart.
Both of our children and my father have birthdays in December.
Add Christmas to the list and it is a full month of celebration :-)