Wednesday, September 16, 2009


She wore her heart on her sleeve.

My faces never have names. Except for this one. Agnes. Where did that name come from, I have no idea. I wasn't reading a book about Agnes, I don't have a friend with that name... I find it interesting that it just popped up in my mind. And today I clicked on a blog link and was interested in something in etsy... would you believe - it was a dress named "Agnes"! I wonder if my future paintings will have names or was this a one time deal.

Anyway.... she is painted on canvas board covered with distressed plaster and on top of it plaster cloth and some more textured elements. I used for the first time Genesis oil paints. I think that I like them, but am not sure. The reason I wanted to try them is to get a smooth face... and then I painted on a very textured background, so now I don't know if they'll do what I would like them to. We'll see.


  1. Did you get the dress? I believe in signs.
    Nice painting!

  2. Agnes is beautiful Zorana! I believe in signs too. Very interesting about etsy.

    Love your quirky painting in the post below. You art is so free these days and it looks like you are having lots of fun.
    Dot xx

  3. I like her, she has a personality and a name. i like the synchronicity of the name too.


  4. Lovely Agnes. I like the closeup's where I can inspect the texture too.


  5. love the colour of her eyes.