Thursday, July 16, 2009

Workshop - day 2

Katie Kendrick's class was an exploration of playfulness, emotions, collage, intuitive painting. It was like you suddenly have the approval to do whatever you want. Like someone allowed us to use all crayons in the box, to finger paint, have fun.
I used my journal. The pages are one above the other, in a way that the funny creature is on top of her head. Why? I don't know. It seemed right. I really enjoyed this and plan to paint this way more often.


  1. WOW! I love the new look of your work. It seems so much looser and free. Fantastic!!

  2. Zorana I LOVE this face... look forward to seeing more of what you do after these classes.
    I do hope they get Katie to venture out to Australia for one of our retreats soon. I will definately do one of her classes...looooove the colour! Of to visit her blog now.

    Jacky xox