Friday, July 31, 2009


This is what I painted yesterday:
Usually when what I'm painting is not to my liking, whether on a page of my journal or canvas I continue painting until it surprises me and comes to life. Well, yesterday it just didn't happen. My layers looked more like cake icing than transparent washes, my color choices hurt my eyes, the girl was dull, the little bird looked like an evil creature... everything was wrong (and not in a good way). I worked hours and hours and nothing helped.  Luckily, Mr. Gesso is my friend. He put a veil of secrecy over my sad painting and a fresh canvas is waiting for me to attack it again.

I wasn't upset at all. It is so liberating to paint, enjoy the process, cover it up and start again. Can't wait!


  1. I recently taught an art class to a group of newly arrived hispanic kids. I had them do collages of their life in their old country. Then I had them paint over the entire art canvas with white paint. They were agog. Until I explained this was their new life. All the old ways would still be there with them, but now we were going to create new art for their new life.
    It was a moment of aha for them.
    There are no mistakes in life.
    only aha's.

  2. Great attitude and you are inspiring.


  3. A clean slate (so to speak). What a wonderful attitude Zorana. Look forward to seeing what you do next on this canvas.

    Jacky xox

    p.s. I have to tell you that the word verification for this comment is removal...very fitting I thought.

  4. Sometimes that's just the way to go. Some of my best paintings came out this way.

  5. I look forward to seeing what it ends up as!!

  6. Actually I find it quite intriguing just as is and in it's possibilities.
    You are a wonderful artist and I am so happy to be seeing your work again. xoxo