Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Be who you are

This life is yours.
Be who you are.
You can do anything.
I really had fun painting this one. I got lost played with the textures and colors. I even pulled out my oil sticks to add some smoothness to it, and wax to finish and seal it. My friend Sharon lectured me many times how I must sign my work, and that when you sign it it means that it's finished.... so I thought about her, signed it and smiled.
It's been a while since I listed anything on etsy. As I closed my blog, I closed the little shop too. This is the first thing that I added back. If interested, you can find it here.
(Bernie in Aus - you made me feel great. Thank you!)


  1. lovely, lovely. the message is spot on!

  2. What a beautiful face, the background, the butterfly is perfect, and I love the texture! The message is wonderful, too.
    Would you mind if I blogged about her? I'll link the photo to your blog. Already had you in my list. Big fan of your art!
    ~alisa R. ^_^

  3. Very beautiful! I love the textures.

  4. The morning coffee tastes even better with Zorana! Thank you for your kind words as well! Wishing you a creative day, my friend! ~Missy

  5. I am really happy to see you creating again, because your art is just wonderful!!! There an underlying beauty and serenity that I feel in your work. I hope you continue to create! The textures are wonderful!

  6. I really like all the textur eon this one!

  7. Beautiful! I love all the texture and the simple, but important, message.

    Best wishes from Wisconsin,

  8. I love your art creation ~ so beautiful! Thank you for sharing her and your lovely blog!

  9. Aaahhh I love all of this texture and that butterfly is so beautiful. Wonderful piece Zorana!

    Jacky xox