Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy day!

Finally a happy page to replace the sad horse! Happy page after a happy day! My friend Connie and I went to something called "Rubber stamp and paper arts festival". We were like kids in a candy store! I only bought three background rubber stamps and some inks and thought I'd save my money, but then I went to Stamp Zia's stand. Zana Clark was kind to demonstrate her products.... and it was just the spark of inspiration I needed. She works fast, uses a lot of color, tricks for background texture... and it is all happy and wonderful. Needless to say - I spent more than time on that stand.
Look what I found:
My name in Teesha Moore's "Art&Life" magazine!!! Long time ago I submitted some rubber stamp designs and they were not chosen... so imagine my surprise when I saw my 'letter' that accompanied the designs in the magazine! Who would have guessed that something that I quickly put together on a piece of brown paper bag will be published there...
It left me smilling.


  1. i can comment today - yay!!
    wonderful to see colours again :o)

  2. yippee...i am jumping for joy for this a news stand mag?...i love the colors in these pieces...happy day indeed my friend...hugs, rebecca

  3. You are just amazing ! Look at what you've created ! I LOVE IT. Thank you so much for a GREAT DAY. We must not let so much time go in between our art dates! I've been playing with all my things and I hope you will be happy to see soon that they are being used and used with excitment.
    Much love. xo

  4. Hi Zorana, I love your happy page.Sorry I didn't get your e-mails. My address is,is that the one you used?Congrats on your publication.The same thing happened to me with the book 1000 Artist trading Cards, I had no idea I was in it until I picked it up at the book shock!
    Please resend your e-mails.
    Have a great week.

  5. These colors, they just say happy happy happy. As usual your journal pages give me so much to look at. They are so wonderful. I want some hats and a friend to play ART with and do artful things.

    Big Congrats on finding yourself in the publication. How cool is that! You just happened to find it. I will have to see if I can order it. Must see.

  6. I recieved your e-mails. Thanks!

  7. Wonderful colorful pages...the girls look like little faeries.
    Congratulations on finding yourself published...that is a great story.

  8. WOW! What great pages!! Sound slike you guys had a gerat time at the convention AND then to fin dyour name?! Fantastic!!

  9. Your happy pages are bright, colorful and they do make me feel happy. And're in Teesha's magazine! That's fantastic!!

  10. Congrats, I really do love these bright colors. What a happy surprise!

  11. Hi Zorana, I love your "happy pages"... those colours and images really made me smile.
    I have long been a fan of your blog (through my friend Dot) and lately have been very taken with your journal pages. At long last I am trying to do a visual journal too... your blog has given me so much inspiration.