Sunday, September 24, 2006

Illustration Friday - Phobia

Cynophobia - fear of dogsThis is how I see dogs. I need to be properly "introduced" to them and then it's a different story. Then I create entries like this one here.


  1. Wowieeeeeeee! What big scary teeth these doggies have!!! lol Hey, I'll ask again, did YOU get a puppy Zo??? LOL (or was Sandy just a visitor?)

  2. Sandy is our friends' dog. We have a cat (the most beautiful, best cat), a hamster and a fish. I'll have to post a photo of Mr. Bart soon.

  3. Wow, Zorana - a very powerful piece of art! You've done brilliantly to even draw your fear. I'm frightened of spiders and I certainly couldn't sit and draw them!! I'd feel they were coming off the page at me - which is just how the dogs look in your picture!