Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy place

Maybe inspired by my recent dreams of ships and sea, last Sunday my favorite man in the world suggested that we drive to the end of the world.
And we did.
The day was perfectly gray.
The line between the water and air almost nonexistent.
I loved seeing him:
I wanted to be this bird:
I saw this tiny place... I don't know what it is, probably not a house. But it looks like a little house, and I immediately thought that I would love to stay there. I don't think that I could tire of looking at all that  huge space. I felt like my lungs could breathe twice as much as normal and my heart was happy.
Actually, my heart was not happy at all while I was climbing the steps. 308 doesn't sound like much, and maybe it isn't, but I am so out of shape that my heart was pounding so much that it felt like it will burst out...
Since I can't live in that little house, I can imagine it and I can put it in my journal so I never forget. 
I was cutting the words from a book that reminded me of what we experienced and randomly placing them on the page. My plan was to cut the edges with more care later, and to find just the right place for them on the page. But when I stopped to look at it - I actually loved it just the way they fell, so I left them like that.
The week is almost over, but in my mind I'm still there...
I think it's my new "happy place".


  1. what a treasured memory captured in your journal!

  2. oh my gosh. the whole post is beautiful and i love how you held on to that day in your journal. so lovely!

  3. This is beautifully written and greatly created.
    So beautiful.........
    reminds me of "nights in Rodenthe'

  4. Beautiful post and journal page, it sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

  5. What a treasured moment that you have paint. So beautiful Zorana. The pictures are beautiful, what is the nature great.
    Have a nice weekend and lovely greet

  6. Your happy place makes me smile! A little cottage by the sea sounds like perfection :)

  7. How many steps??! I'd be puffing and panting too no doubt! I haven't seen a landscape painting of yours before and this is wonderful! I love how you've captured the atmosphere. You'll be able to treasure the memory of the day for a long time.
    Jess xx

  8. What a beautiful composition to keep alive a memory for years to come.

  9. It has been a long time since I've been to that lighthouse, I'm not sure I could make all those steps now.

    Your Happy Place would make me happy too.


    PS - I used another of your bird images and posted the sketch yesterday.

  10. Definitely a happy place, worth remembering. Great page.

  11. Wow! What a beautiful place you found. How cool is that Lighthouse? I could definitely live with that view.

  12. I like the randomness of the words. The whole piece is really great. And you'll always be able to remember that day when you look at your painting.

    My favorite time to go to the ocean is when it's gray and cloudy.

  13. Oh I love your artistic rendering of your beautiful gray day on the ocean. Perfect.

  14. JUst beautiful, the post and the painting too. I love how you captured it all.

  15. What a wonderful post I am with you all the way so beautifully written. Flying with the birds gazing from the hut on the hills with the deer (forget the steps though I just couldn't do them) and then the journal page, it all makes so much sense just wonderful thank you for sharing