Saturday, January 1, 2011


I wanted to paint something today because the day 1.1.11 is just too cool to pass without posting something on the blog, but I procrastinated until it was late evening. I have been thinking about trees, but had no real inspiration. Finally, I did what I always do when I don't have ideas - I picked a paintbrush, piece of watercolor paper and random colors. This is what turned out.
Surprised me... not a face... 
Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, I whispered a lot of wishes today. There are no butterflies around, but it would be nice if they heard them and carried my wishes with them...
I hope your day was beautiful.


  1. This is beautiful...quite ethereal. I love it!

    Jacky xox

  2. I'm always surprised when I make something without a face too. Faces are it for me. I do love the feel of your lovely piece.

  3. May all your wishes come true Zorana! :)

  4. Zorana this is beautiful! I love butterflies! The colors are great and she looks so peaceful . . .

  5. Very atmospheric! I love the way the blue shines through. It's the time of the new moon, maybe you're feeling its influence? :) xx