Saturday, October 30, 2010

This and that....

Hello! Good morning! It's a rainy Saturday morning and for some reason - this kind of weather is making me happy today! I hope that it will be cold enough so that we can light the fire place. Isn't that a strange wish - I hope it will be cold enough? lol
I enjoyed reading your coffee comments. Eight big coffee drinkers and two non-drinkers (I'm not completely sure about Julie - she mentioned 2 weeks, so it might be temporary). Jacqueline asked do we have coffee pads here in USA, and I don't know... I know that there are little plastic individual coffee thingies (and whenever I see them I think about millions of them polluting the Earth), but I don't know about the pads. If you know the answer - please write it in the comments.
I never dressed up for Halloween as an adult. I've also never, ever been on a party where people are masked. How about you? Do you enjoy dressing up as something/someone different? I really loved what Alica Burke did. Check this link to see her creative idea. 
I wanted to thank everyone that purchased a painting or two from my etsy shop this month. My October sale is coming to an end. On Monday I will be changing the prices for some paintings, and removing some from the shop. So, if you had your eye on one, there are two more sale days left so take advantage of it.
I'm going to blend a frozen banana, couple of tablespoons of pumpkin, almond milk, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and maple syrup and enjoy a pumpkin-pie smoothie for breakfast. Sounds good? I can't wait!
Have a very happy weekend! 

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  1. I'm one of the non-coffee drinkers! Gave it up many years ago and haven't been sorry. No caffeine for me.

    I love the little snippets of paintings you showed here. Just a little tease now and then is fun. As for Halloween, I used to dress up each year. Being a gypsy was my all-time favorite costume....lots of jewelry, bright colors, and exotic make-up!

    That pumpkin smoothie sounds delicious!! I'm going to try it.