Sunday, July 26, 2009

Painting on black

From time to time I try painting on a black background. Like this little angel.
And this one.
Both were painted in my journal more than a month ago (when I was not blogging). Then yesterday I, once again, started painting on a black page and this girl showed up:
Sometimes I get surprised by the characters that emerge under my brush. I didn't expect this face... I don't think it even looks like the faces I paint. She reminded me of someone, but I couldn't figure out who.... and then this morning I saw this face:
Not the same but a bit similar... It's a face that I painted on a box a while ago. Also started on a black background. Maybe that's why they look a bit alike (to me).
After reconnecting to my box, I opened it and was welcomed by this sight:
YUM!!! My morning started with kisses, so chocolates were the next best thing. I wish you chocolate and kisses filled day too. (In case you would like to purchase my Believe-Imagine-Wish-Dream box, just send me an email).
One more thing. Some people paint brilliantly starting with black backgrounds. Jane DesRosier is one of them. She currently has an online workshop, where she demoes how she paints faces. An amazing thing to watch. You can see the beautiful promo video here.


  1. Beautiful angels. Your blog and art are amazing.

  2. I am still so glad you came back to us! You have been busy girl! I am loving all of it!! Thanks for the chocolate <3

  3. ZORANA!!!!!! Oh...YOU have made my day! I have missed your blog so much. If you only I enjoy sipping a cup of java, reading your blog and always feeling an unexplainable if I know you personally. You are a huge inspiration to many, including myself, as I have told you once before! Yes, I have felt pretty homesick and sad but now...I may just get out a journal or a canvas and PAINT, PAINT, PAINT! Yay!!!!!! Zorana has come back! We must never, ever sell our art supplies or shout down our studios, my friend. These things are a tremendous part of who we are!
    Love the new art! Missy