Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My boy and girl

I received an email from my son this morning with pictures from a race he was part of this weekend. He participated in Trans-Tahoe Relay, the only swim race that crosses two state lines (I thought that was a fun fact). Teams swim 11.5 miles at an altitude of more than 6,200 feet. His team came second in their division, which is cool. But the best thing is that he said that he never experienced such freedom and joy swimming and is already looking forward for the next year. Probably too many pictures of him... but I can't help it. I can't stop looking at them.
Hana didn't have a race or anything like that, but we left her at a summer camp and I am thinking about her constantly and wondering if she's having an amazing time or if something is bothering her... This is a picture from a walk we took last week. It was a long walk, and she chatted constantly and excitingly about many things (especially the scary movie she saw the day before). The only silent time was when I took pictures.
I miss my kids so much. It's pretty amazing to me to realize that they are this big... I wrote a whole gushy, silly paragraph about it, but didn't really say anything that made sense so I deleted it. I think I'll spend the day staring at their pictures. Not sure that my boss will be happy with that (but we won't tell him)...


  1. Lake Tahoe is pretty cold (brrrr) but it looks like your son is enjoying himself.

    Your daughter looks so grown up, no wonder you can't believe it.


  2. Zorana,

    You have beautiful kids. It is so hard letting them go. Feel free to go and gush about them all you want.


  3. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos of your children...I know how you feel and I enjoyed you gushing over your kids...I like to gush over mine too.

    Jacky xox