Friday, May 18, 2007

Art exchange with my Mom

I don't see my Mom often, but when I do I always look forward to the time when we can sit together and show each other what we are working on. After that we usually visit the art store and play with old and new supplies. This time there was not enough time to create, but we had fun looking at each others projects. These are my pieces that are right now packed in my Mom's suitcase and traveling across the ocean.
The blue canvas is a present for a newborn baby girl. This one is for my sister.
And much to my surprise, of all things I created, my Mom wanted my first and only (and probably last) abstract piece. I kept telling her that it is not a finished piece, that I used a piece of wood to clean my brushes (which is pretty much what I did) - but she was persistent in telling me that she likes it and would like to have it.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to keep any of her pieces. Why? Because she says that they are unfinished scribbles. And because I like every bit of her "scribbles" I scanned them and can enjoy them whenever I want.


  1. What a treat I found this morning just checking to see if maybe by chance you were sharing something. I can really see why your Mom would want the abstract. It is beautiful with so much depth and of course I love the lightest lights and the darkest darks all in one piece and I think that makes is sing.
    Your Mom is quite the scribler too. It is too bad you had such a short visit. My Mom discovered Art late in life and we never got to do it together.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Now I see where your talent comes from! Like mother, like daughter. I, too, love the abstract piece and completely understand why your mom wanted it.

  3. I see the proverbial artistic apple didn't fall far from the tree!!
    How wonderful you share this with one another.