Thursday, September 21, 2006

I wanted to thank you for the emails and comments. I almost deleted the last part of my previous post because it was a little bit too private and painful at the moment... but I'm glad I didn't. It is so encouraging to read positive thoughts from cyber friends. It makes the world seem much friendlier.

Speaking of friends, my dear friend Connie always has the perfect words for me... and today she also had the perfect fibers for my new little journal. Just what I needed to finish it. Thanks Connie!

- click here to see more photos -


  1. BEAUTY FULL!!! the SWEET gal and the COOL journal! You are welcome Zorana and thank YOU! for being there for me on my dark being a dork day! lol Everything WON'T BE roses at my Blog! every day! You can cound on that! but i hope I didn't scare anyone! I think it's good to vent sometimes! I FEEL a lot better, it must be prayers and happy energy!!! ;)

  2. LOVE the journal and what an adorable pic of Hana. awww. Thanks for sharing yourself. I'm placin' a bid on that journal!

  3. oh my! Have Hana look at the picture you have on today's entry and then look at the one with your FANTASTIC bag. She is such a beautiful person! ! ! Always remember to smile Hana. No one can compare ! You are a sweetheart through and through.

    Can't wait to see you again Z. Your work inspires me so!
    much love. me

  4. Hi Zorana - I stumbled across your blog and was happy to find it. :-) Really love the work you are doing. I've added a link to your blog from mine. BTW, Your daughter is beautiful! Kids can be hurtful. Take care ... be well ...