Thursday, February 6, 2014

Early birthday gift

This is an early birthday gift from me to me! I am joking.... my birthday is in November, way to early to think about now, but it did take me a very long time (10 years!) to give myself a permission to have a real easel, so it feels like a real gift. Many times I painted something that looked ok to me while on the table, but the moment I put it in a vertical position - it was all wrong. A good example is the angel that's peeking at the top of my easel (and is going to be painted over as soon as I can get to it). 
I purchased the easel through Amazon and couldn't be happier - it came in two days, fully assembled! It is very sturdy, large enough for big canvases, easy to use and takes really a small amount of space. I thought maybe someone else could benefit from the information, so here is the link.
Happy creating!


  1. congrats on this fab easel .. have fun with it!
    looks very professional !
    I also have birthday in November ..and each month I say to my family..
    oh I have to buy "this" for me .. my birthday is coming soon...
    and we all laugh!

  2. Have treated myself also with "bd" gifts sometimes :) Why not, if it makes you happy. I believe this was a really good investment, you will love ti :) Enjoy it and we will enjoy your paintings

  3. That looks like a great easel...and you deserve it. It's fun to give yourself a birthday present. At least you know what you want!