Monday, October 4, 2010

Renewal, cleanse and reopening!

“Sorrow is the mere rust of the soul. Activity will cleanse and brighten it.” - Samuel Johnson

What a wonderful quote! And so meaningful to me right now. I am all wrapped up in different types of cleanses... I am cleaning the house like it's spring (and it's not in this part of the world). Opening all drawers, closets, boxes, hidden places.... rearranging things, making them look interesting and organized.
I'm also doing Master Cleanse, which for me is a life saver. It cleanses both my body and mind and allows me to reset and come back to myself.
On the list is my studio too. Cleaning and organizing, finding buried treasures and reconnecting with my paintings.... which brings me to the following announcement:
I re-opened my Etsy shop!
I started listing things today and the whole month of October will be a sale month. Not one paintings is priced more than $50.00!!! I also changed the shipping policy - purchase one painting or 10, big or small the shipping charge will be the same - only $5.00. Does that sound good? I hope it does.
Here are fragments of the paintings I listed today:
I hope you'll visit and take a look (click HERE). There might be something that will cheer you up, some words that will feel like you just said them or some eyes that look friendly and comforting. Feel free to ask me any question about any painting. 


  1. Hi Zorana - I'm excited to purchase one of your original art works (which I absolutely LOVE). I tried to buy the "Gentle Angel" but I'm not getting Etsy to cooperate. I've never purchased from them before and I can't seem to get registered. Just wanted to ask you not to sell her to anyone else until I figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks, Sharon Pendergraft

  2. Your work is wonderful, and yes--excellent quote--love it!! Much luck with your Etsy store--that's where I'm going right now!

  3. Thanks for reserving the painting for me. My problem with Etsy continues. It may have to do with my recent browser change (to Firefox). I get the message, "A real person from Etsy will respond to your questions as soon as humanly possible"...but I haven't heard from them yet. Sharon P.

  4. Lovely to see that picture of all of those gorgeous little sculpted birdies...I love them!!!! and havent seen them for ages.

    Gorgeous painting as always and the texture looks great. Must say, I'm a bit partial to your use of crackle!

    Jacky xox