Monday, September 24, 2007

Open Your Eyes

Always wonderful Judy Wise shared a link for SuziBlu and her videos on YouTube. I loved it and so will you! She is very inspirational and fun to watch. I loved that her way of starting an art journal is the way I do it often - by writing whatever you want, getting it all out, and then putting layers of colors over it. She is darling.... I'm sure you'll love her art and videos.
- 8.5" x 11" on eBay-


  1. I mentioned those same videos on my blog today!! She's fantastic, isn't she?!

    Your latest work is great. You have such an amazing way with color.

  2. miz z...i so loved those videos that i had my students in phily do that exact project...and i love the new work...i am a worry wart...blessings, rebecca

  3. so true the new piece...and the little birdy below too!...yer really keepin busy!

  4. Love the lady's sentiments, and she's rather cool too!

    Suzi Blu is great ins't she? Her style is wonderful, espcially when she worries that she is shouting!! But then she is from Jersey.............