Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy mail day!

What a happy mail day! All the way from Australia traveled a surprise package for me! Dotee has recently moved and instead of receiving housewarming gifts - she sends them. Look at the enchanting symphony in green that I received (click on the picture to see it larger). I had tears in my eyes when I saw it, and read the words, and just felt the love and good energy that went into it.
I recently received a wonderful ATC from Julie. I really wanted to have a piece of her art and was absolutely delighted to see (and feel) this one. It sits on my desk and makes me smile.Do you recognize the canvas on the following photo? Created by one and only Norah/Sharon. It catapulted me into a creating frenzy... It was a part of a swap and it is so lovely that I was paralyzed with fear that I can't reciprocate in the same way... so I started painting a lot, hoping that something will turn out good enough so that I can send it to Sharon. Luckily, she likes the faces I paint... so as soon as she chooses one it will be on the way to Texas. As I sit looking at the artwork that surrounds me I can't but think that there is no piece of art that I could buy that would mean more to me than these precious gifts. I feel very happy to have an opportunity to meet wonderful, generous artists from around the world. Thank you very, very much.


  1. Dotee is so creative! I love her art. It always brings a smile to my face. The little ATC from Julie is adorable. I like the message!

    I think the faces you paint are wonderful. You have your own special style. It's good to be inspired by other artists but you don't need to change your style. I think the faces you've done recently are fantastic. I wish I could paint that good!

  2. Beautiful post and such pretty things to see. That's "our Dotee"... always giving!

    Have a lovely day.

  3. Oh, what a thrill to see my green art on your blog! I am so, so pleased you enjoyed the ATC's and little canvas I created for you.

    Creating art for you brought me so much joy. I could feel your positive energy all the way here in Australia. You are such a special person. And so talented.

    I agree with Janet about the faces you paint. They are so beautiful, and your art is evolving in a very special way.

    The ATC from your friend Julie is wonderful. So quirky and the message made me smile. And of course I love the birdy!

    The canvas created by Norah is incredible. I can understand it inspiring you to create. And I am sure you will create something equally beautiful for her.

    I agree with you that this blogging world has brought many artists together. And, like you, I treasure each and every piece of art I receive. This world is a special place.


    Dot xx

  4. WOW! What a fabulous mail assortment!! I too am so lucky to have met so many wonderful blog friends!

  5. Oh dear, I do not know what to say. Except that over the past few weeks or months, you have created so many beautiful canvases with beautiful faces and beautiful messages and I can't wait to see one of them in real life. I can't wait because I hope to be "catapulted into a creating frenzy" too. I think that will happen if only I could fine a few more hours in the day.