Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Being vulnerable....

It seems that my daily collages are becoming little journal entries... I guess that's why I'm using the images of 'my' girls and quotes that feel right. My dear friend Connie came to visit me today. I wasn't good company at all... I rambled about doctors, mortality, Micheal Moore's movie "Sicko" etc. As a true friend she listened, approved and even managed to cheer me up. I felt much better after. As that is not enough, she always comes with the most wonderful gifts. Look what she brought me this time.... a perfect bird to keep me company. The photo doesn't show all the beautiful colors... she layered and layered transparent washes until she got this rich, deep color. The bird is heavy and peaceful and just a joy to hold and look at. I will always love it!
There are also fabric pieces which just may work the magic and bring me back to creating with fabric... and an adorable ceramic piece with my initial on it. Feeling vulnerable, but also grateful for my friends, just as I wrote yesterday.


  1. We all feel vulnerable from time to time and it helps to have a true friend who understands. Your friend seems to know what you need. The bird is lovely and seems so perfect for you.

  2. I love this "behind my shadow" and yes you do have some little journal pages going.
    I visited you friend and the piece she is showing is going to be fun to watch progress.

  3. The lovely little bird, ceramic piece and fabric bits are a TREASURE and so is your sweet friend!

    I love your point of view that we need to ALLOW ourselves to be vulnerable...what would we do without precious friends??!!

    Sending you a cyber hug!!
    - vicki xo