Tuesday, May 29, 2007

She listened...

She listened with polite interest,
but her thoughts strayed...
I am playing with a new medium - soft pastels. As I don't have a lot of time right now, I wanted something that doesn't take too much to set up and work. For this I don't need water or glue or a ton of bottles/tubes of paint - just a pad of paper and a box of pastels. Simple. I add the stamped/collaged bits later. Pastels are new to me and very different than anything else I tried... they are messy and wonderful and I love to get the pigment all over my fingers and smudge it around. I am in the mood to paint faces, and even if I'm not good at them - it feels like the right thing to do now, so I think I'll keep on and hopefully get better.
Other than that - we've visited Aquarium of the Bay today. It was a treat to go on a working day (no crowds around... plenty of time to explore). I love how this picture of my father in law turned out! I'm very proud of myself for catching just the right moment :-)


  1. Pretty, pretty!! What a sweet face and a sweet bird. Love the sentiment too.

  2. all very delightful - so glad to visit you

    love the pastel work

    xox - eb.

  3. Wow, a new medium, it looks like you have been at this new medium for a while already. Cause she is beautiful. You make it look easy.
    Love the out-stretched hand. You caught the perfect moment for sure.

  4. Ohhhh.. pastels. How wonderful to try something new!!! I love the feel of them in my fingers and the ability to smear and burnish... have fun with them. The face is wonderful. Blessings, Rebecca

  5. Hi, just discovered your blog via Allotment Lady in UK. I love your work, particularly the roses.
    I like hearts,wings,flowers,cats and water images and the real things of course!
    I too am a Sagittarian, perhaps a bit on 'the cusp'? - (27th November) and year of the Horse.
    Bet you're thinking, whaaat? Humour me, struggling with a chesty cold, it always makes me a little freakier than normal LOL!