Thursday, December 5, 2013

Textures make me happy

- 19"x11.5" - mixed media on watercolor paper -


  1. This is just beautiful. I love the texture...and the soft colors. Beautiful.

  2. I love her face. It's so very....well, angelic.

  3. this is beautiful, your angels

  4. It is beautiful! Love the subtle colors... and the texture is wonderful!

  5. this is quite lovely
    the texture
    the details
    her face
    and wings
    a joy to see

  6. Hi I just LOVE what you `are doing here. I have been following your blog for ages because I also love Birds. Would it be very rude tp ask you to explain how you get that beautiful cracke look in this painting. I have some antique crackle which requires one to rub a darker colour over the crackle medium once it has dried to show up the cracks but this looks like they are coming from underneath. So love textures too!! Thanks and keep creating. XX Heather.

  7. No one can do texture like you! It's true!
    I went back to look again at her beginning and the layers and stages she went through. I must say, you took her right where she needed to be. She has a beautiful sweet face but the whole painting has so much for my eyes to roam around to see. And I'm surprised that you got so much texture on watercolor paper.