Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Don't worry...

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow,
it only saps today of its joy.
Leo Buscaglia

It seems like a dark page, but it's not because I'm in a dark mood. Hana has a love affair with payne's grey. She used it for some paintings, but she left tons of it unused... I told her to paint a background in my journal and that I will work on the page later. This is the background she painted:
Of course I can't paint over that... She calls it 'scribbles' - I see a story. Anyway, there was still more paint so I did the 'worry' page. Long explanation for a simple page...


  1. Hana is very talented! I Like both of these entries very much!

  2. I love long explanations.
    I see a story too.
    Can't tell now.
    I'm suppose to be painting this cover.

  3. It's a great quote and great page.

  4. i see a story too - red riding arriving at her grandma's house deep in the woods...
    i wouldn't paint over it either :o)

  5. i love payne's grey too...what a wonderfulscribble she did...i see so much there...it evokes much emotion...wow...blessings, rebecca

  6. Really like the darkness and the sorrow quote

  7. I love Payne's Grey too and recently used a lot of it in a painting/collage I did for my dining room. Definitely different for me to work with darker colors than my usual brights... but still always good to try different colors and see where they take you.

    I LOVE the print that Dot is showing on her blog right now. I joked and said it looks like "me" 20 years ago (red hair, blue eyes)... or maybe how I'd like to look now. ha ha... anyway.... beautiful work as usual.

    Hope you're having a great day.


  8. LOVE the quote- just what I needed to hear. And LOVE Paynes Grey! Tanks for sharing. Greta spread!

  9. Very Interesting, this Paynes Grey! I've never used it!Yes, it looks like shadows and trees, how can you paint over it but maybe YOU both should try working on a piece just for FUN! Both entries are Great! Happy Week-end!!!