Saturday, November 17, 2012

My garden

I have a very little garden and only green plants survive in it. 
I tried growing carrots, peppers, beets and other veggies with no success.
But kale, parsley, chard and stinging nettle thrive.
I stepped out to pick some nettles for dinner and was surprised to see how much they grew.
We had rain and it is obvious that they love it! 
Before I carefully picked the very prickly nettles I had to get my camera and capture the wonderous greens combined with rain drops.
Happy weekend! xo


  1. The light dancing on those drops is magnificent!

  2. Fantastic the beautiful drops on the leaves. Beautiful pictures and a lovely garden Zorana.
    lovely greet and nice Sunday

  3. You got some excellent shots...those drops are so beautiful :)

    How nice to have some yummy greens to pick and enjoy!

  4. I agree with Julie! Love you photos!

  5. The raindrop pics are great! And at least you have something growing in your garden. We've tried growing veggies and haven't had much luck.

  6. The nature pics here are so pure and perfect looking! Like they were created just the moment of being captured by your camera!

  7. Your garden looks amazing green and lush (and gorgeous after the rain). How do you cook your Kale? I dont see a lot of it over here, but might try and grow some myself.

    Jacky xox