Friday, August 22, 2008

My bird

Hello! Hi! Good evening! I wanted to show you something that I started two days ago, but I am in a different mood now, so it will wait. This is a photo my dh took half an hour ago... and I think it shows how I feel. Happy and sad at the same time, very emotional and sentimental. Our son just left the nest... We (and he) didn't expect it to be today, but life has a way with interfering with the best laid plans. He will soon start his junior year in UC Santa Cruz... which is super good. It was his first choice college and he is more than happy to be there. And so are we... I'm not worried too much (or at least I'm trying not to be) because he explained more than once that I raised him well and that he'll be fine. And I know that it's true and that it is time. It's all good. But I can't help but feel 'different' too... because no matter how often he comes back, I am aware that it will not be the same.
Wish him luck please. He's going to try out for the water polo team. I know that he will succeed but a little good luck always helps.


  1. I can't even begin to think of how I will feel when Kate gets to be old enough for college! Congratulations, study hard and good luck at try-outs!

  2. Mine is married and still lives with me. Even then I'd have a difficult time letting her go!! My heart is with must be a grievous time..Seems like for so long everything is about your kids, it's all encompassing, then abruptly...It's not!!!How do we ever prepare for that!!

    Hugs Giggles
    All the best to your sweetheart!

  3. Well here's the deal, if he could get on the water polo team with his looks. Slam dunk.

    But just in case, I'm wishing him some Texas size good luck with his dreams and wishes for the future.

    Love seeing you sitting in your new garden contemplating dreams.

  4. You have given him roots now you give him wings. And he will take all of your wisdom and the way in which he was raised with him as the copilot. If that sounds hokey I don't mean it to...I am just saying I truly feel he will do well and find great success in pursuing his dreams.
    and hey SC isn't far and a fun place to visit as well. You could arrange "dates" with him once and awhile!
    Sending hugs to you!and a friendly smile too!

  5. He's a handsome young man but then he has a beautiful mother. I'm sure he will be just fine but I'll definitely send some good thoughts his way. And a big (((hug))) for you.

  6. Sending good thoughts and luck your way. He will be just fine but I know how hard it is to let go. You will be OK too, just dive into your art.
    I miss my kids and grandkids every day...they are back on the East coast.
    xo suze

  7. HI Zorana...What a blessing it was to see your beautiful face in person and give you a big hug in Pleasanton! Sending you a major "Mothers Blessing"..I so share your feelings as I too am entering this season with my own son! Share your emotions in your art and I know you'll create something so meaningful!
    Take Good Care!

  8. My kids have been gone from home a long time, and have their own children now. But after they have visited and return to their own homes, I cry and miss them. I don't think it ever gets easy to tell your kids good bye. Kids and puppies grow up too fast!

  9. I have a ways to go yet before we share this in common...but sending big hugs to you now...maybe in 10 years you'll reciprocate ;o)

  10. Mine will be ready to fly in a couple of years and I truly can sympathize with you. My heart goes out to you and I wish your son good luck and safe travels through his new adventures in life.

  11. I know the feeling of feeling happy and sad at the same time. My youngest just left for her first year at college. We're now "empty nesters" and it feels sooo strange not to have any teenagers around. Best of luck to your son! Hang in there!