Thursday, October 18, 2007

Going home

This is an unfinished journal page.
I need to add some more hearts that found me.
My parents have a heart shaped welcome mat.
I never noticed that before.
My mom wears a necklace with a heart pendant.
All friends I met after all these years seemed to have visible heart shaped auras.
As much as I am sad to leave, I can't wait to see my family.
It's interesting...
I wrote recently that I'm going home. I am writing the same thing today and it is true. I'm going home tomorrow. Home is where your heart is. That means so many places... I guess I'm rich :-)
The last heart I'm sharing is the little stone that my darling and I found one lovely day. He put it secretly in my luggage... so I couldn't help but smile and feel happy when I found it.


  1. It's wonderful that your heart can be everywhere and anywhere. Your "darling" is a prize for sure. The hearts that you find are for the taking.

  2. you know i love rocks...and heart rocks are the best...hw special for you...that page is very beautiful and it becons me in...blessings, rebecca

  3. Hearts are indeed everywhere...even when you can't actually see them!
    What a treasure that your darling put the heart stone in your luggage.
    Have a safe trip home.... from home.

  4. <3 <3 Safe and happy journey from home to home. xox Rella