Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beautiful fragile ballerina

The beautiful fragile ballerina is my mom... You may remember that she broke her arm in July. Her arm was getting better, but far from good... and then it happened again. She fell yesterday and broke her rib and hip and is in hospital awaiting surgery. Still beautiful and more fragile than ever. Her spirit is strong... unlike mine. I want to curl into a ball and pretend it didn't happen. I wanted to stop my '30 days of creating and listing things for sale' challenge.... but the only thing I could do today was paint... so that's what I did.


  1. oh no..I hope she can feel better soon. Your canvas is beautiful..

  2. oh, zorana, i'm so sorry... you are both in my prayers...
    the painting is simply beautiful - she has a real fragile beauty - esp. her eyes!!!

  3. tears are flowing for your precious beautiful is the tiny heart goes out to you and my prayers for your mama's return to health...hugs...blessings, rebecca

  4. Oh, ZO - honey - All my prayers and thoughts are with you and your Mom. I know how heavy it weighs on your spirit when you are worried about a loved one.

    xoxo - Chel

    PS ~ Thanks for letting me know about my slow loading page - Cinda had mentioned it too. I went ahead and removed some content and the slide shows. Will you let me know if it is any better for you?

  5. Your Mom is so beautiful. I'm so sorry for both your pain. I'm wondering how old she was in the photo. It is so nice that you have it.
    Your painting for the day is very beautiful too. I love the message.
    I hope you will keep us intouch with her progress.

  6. O! Zorana! She is sooOOOOoo BEAUTY FULL!!! YOU look like your mama! She is in my prayers sweet girly, just like YOU are too! ((((Zorana)))))

  7. Wowieee! Hanna looks like her too! SWEET! xoxoxox

  8. Your mother is so beautiful. Looks like beauty runs in the family. :) sending warm wishes that she heals soon.


  9. I'm so sorry to read about your mom's fall. I hope she's feeling better and on the mend. I'll send good thoughts her way.

    Now I see where your beauty comes from....