Saturday, October 21, 2006

No Regrets

- on Etsy -


  1. Hi Zorana, I was thrilled to see this sold so quickly - it's such a fun, quirky, inspiring piece of art!! Hope you enjoy it, Tejae as much as I enjoy my Perry painting :o) Which if you didn't know, Zorana, has pride of place on my mantel below my poster of San Fran in the rain :o) I love all the pieces you have on etsy at the moment and I hope they all find great homes! All blessings, xx

  2. Hi Zorana,
    How are you? Getting back to life after Art & Soul? I am still trying to find my way. It's hard to have so much independence for a week and then go back to having to make decisions for three other people on top of myself, again.
    not to mention the snow, laundry, and dishes... ;-)
    I love this's so true!