Friday, October 27, 2006

Big eyed girl

My brain is going to explode because I can't make up my mind... I have no idea what I want to do. I would like to create everything in every possible style with every technique known to man. I can't do it!
After spending last couple of days agonizing over this, I decided to relax and have fun. This character came to life while I was watching a black&white Gregory Peck movie (wasn't he the most handsome man?). No collage, no special mediums and million pieces of paper and paint around... just watercolor. Extra unusual for me. It was very refreshing not to have an hour long clean-up time... :-)


  1. She's adorable, Zorana! Does she have a name?? I esp. love the one in the china cup - I mean it must be china - it has roses on it :o) She reminds me of that young actress Dakota Fanning with those huge eyes... You've inspired me to just sit quietly with my paints (and new brushes!) - once all the household chores are done! Sam got home safely last night - hooray! So after lots of cuddles last night, I have LOTS of laundry this morning! Certainly looks like he had a great time - everything is covered in mud!! And yes, Gregory Peck was just toooo gorgeous. Tho' I confess to being more of a Cary Grant girl myself - that wicked sense of humour - just too scrummy!! Have a great weekend :o)

  2. Looks like your little creation has wanderlust too! Look at her big eyes! SWEET Zorana! She is adorable and I love her lounging in that tea cup! LOL That's what I'm doing! My word verification, the last 3 letters spell out awe, I'm in awe at your creation! Simple pleasures are best sometimes! I've got watercolors waiting for me!